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 The Outdoor Lighted Signs Catalog

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Having a new sign does not need to be a complicated, difficult procedure.  We make getting new signs as easy, and cheap, as possible.

EZ Install Channel Letter and Trembler™ Signs are lighted channel letter signs (neon signs) mounted on reinforced aluminum raceways, equipped with glass neon electrode housings.  They usually are installed on the front wall of a business.

Wall Sign Cabinets are single-faced lighted sign cabinets which simply fasten to a wall.

Monument Signs, Pole or Pylon Signs (Freestanding Signs) are double-faced lighted sign cabinets which simply sit on a wall, or sit on a pole.

Most of these signs are installed next to a road, street or highway.

They can all be installed by licensed sign installers, electricians, or you can install them yourself (dependent upon local regulations.)

Getting a cheap sign does not have to mean that you get poor quality.  Visit our parent website to discover all of the detail that goes into manufacturing your sign.

We have one of the most sophisticated production facilities in the world.

The exteriors on all of our signs are rust-proof aluminum.

We paint our signs using the same long-lasting paints that Ferrari uses to paint their cars!

All of our plastic components are UV and vandal protected using SolarGard™ and Lumibrite™ protective coatings.

All of our shipped signs carry a one year parts warranty.  Additionally, ballasts and transformers are guaranteed by our suppliers for at least two years and most plastics for five to ten years.  See our complete warranty for details.

0% Interest Financing Available

NEWPinLights LED SignNow Available.

Cabinet signs with color graphics and Solarbrite PinLightsLED first-surface lighting is a hands-down winner.  Signs Manufacturing incorporates a patent pending design into our unique high-tech new-look PinLightsconcept.

Solar Powered Signs

Solar EnergyStar Signs Power KitPinLights™ Cabinet signs, LetterLites™ External First-surface LED Channel Letter lighting,  and SolarBrite™ LED lighting, can be economically directly solar powered, without even using an energy-robbing inverter, saving you even more!

You are saving much more than just energy, and money.



Visit Our Unique Sign Lighting Laboratory and Showroom

Unique in the entire sign industry, Signs Manufacturing™ built an 85’ by 50’ (over 4,000 sq ft) indoor sign lighting laboratory for testing the longevity, visibility, and effectiveness of all the lighted signs we manufacture.

We have opened our laboratory to the public, for FREE, adding an LED Video Display Showroom because we realized how important one would be to consumers.

We invite you to observe all types of signage, viewing them up close as well as from a distance, under varying light conditions (and stay out of the weather while doing so!)

Will your Sodium Vapor or Metal Halide parking lot lights affect the colors of your sign at night?  How visible will your pylon sign’s border neon be during the day?  Should you consider PinLights™, LetterLites™, SpectraLites™, or Trembler™ signsBrighter Signs™ neon or Solarbrite™ LED lighting for channel letter signsFluorescent or HID lighting for your monument sign?  Do Daylight or Cool White fluorescents make your sign’s colors look best?

If you are considering purchasing an LED Video Display or Digital LED Message Center sign this exclusive opportunity will be particularly important.  You must determine which LED spacing is best, so that your sign will be successful, considering how you will use it.  Therefore, 6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm 481-trillion-color LED Video Display signs are always available for you to compare.

No one else, sign company or not, can offer you this unique opportunity.  Be sure to take advantage.  Your business will be better because you do.



Signs Manufacturing Campus 2001

Signs Manufacturing Corporation's Four-building Dallas, Texas Manufacturing Campus prior to our 7,500 sq. ft. expansion (2001 photo courtesy of Bing.)

Signs Manufacturing's 2004 Building Expansion

Weekend photo showing Signs Manufacturing Corporation's 2004 Building Expansion, taken during our 2009 re-roofing project (Courtesy of Google Earth.)

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